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Kid Kleaver

Kid Kleaver


Freegloofest, My First Gig in Montreal.

A love story by Kid Kleaver

One evening last January, I somehow booked a gig spinning drum and bass at a restaurant/bar in Gatineau. I was closing the night after the resident top 40/house dj, when this tall skinny kid comes running out of the kitchen with a giant smile on his face. He looked at me  and said ” This is dnb! On vinyl? No no, you dont belong here. I have some friends in Montreal with a soundsystem, you want to spin at a rave?” I laughed, and said sure, gave him my soundcloud link thinking nothing of it. Montreal being the place to be if your DJing, I figured he was just trying to make small talk. Little did i know this tall skinny kid with the smile was Pierre-Luc Blondin and his friends with the soundsystem were Andy Snowphis and Francis D. LockOut. Much to my surprise, a couple days after the gig in Gatineau, I received a message on facebook from Andy, asking me if it was in fact real vinyl that I was spinning. I told him yes, he asked if I wanted to spin at this party called Freegloofest, outside in febuary. I didnt even have to think about it. The day of the rave I packed up my vinyls  and made my first of what was to be many drives to Montreal.  After meeting Andy and Pierre-luc on the street beside Technoparc, we  jumped the curb in the car and drove down the path to the soundsystem. As soon as I stepped out of the car, I knew that I had  found a new home away from home. The soundsystem, the smiling faces, firespinners, the vibes and talented dj’s I was happy to be able to experience something like this at least once in my lifetime. Freegloofest to me is more then just a party, its the celebration of my first time meeting my Montreal family! Now you know the story, lets have a gaaaddddddddddayum! Big up forever and always to the Bassix crew and their renegade soundystem!!


Agency: Mtl Bassix Productions - Mike Kleaver

Phone: (613) 265 - 1557


The artist

Nationality: Canadian

Resident in: Ottawa